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We are a discreet direct dial phone sex company. We provide no taboo phone sex sessions from the privacy our our homes.
All our phone sex operators are highly trained in a variety of no taboo fantasies.

So if you are seeking a kinky phone sex fantasy, look no further. Please call the operator of your choice.
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How Much Does It Cost?

Our rates are $2.50 per minute with a
10 minute minimum. After that we bill
in blocks of 5 minutes.

How Do I Pay?

We accept all major credit, bank debit cards, and prepaid or gift card.
Charges will be discreetly billed to your credit card.
You may also direct any billing questions to the
owner by e-mail at

Is My Credit Care and Personal Information Confidential?

ABSOLUTELY! Your personal information is strictly confidential!
We do not share client information with each other. Therefore, each time
you place a call you will be asked for your personal information.
Individual girls may or may not keep your personal information on file for future calls.

How Do I Place A Call?

Choose one of the girls you would like to contact.
Each girl has a separate page with a little about them.
Please make sure to have your credit card handy and
be prepared to answer to following questions:

- First and last name on credit card.
-Credit card number including the expiration date
-Card verification value on back side of card.
-Your Billing Address where your statements are mailed to.
-A contact phone number.
-If and where you'd like a reciept emailed
*The date on your credit card bill may be delayed 5-10 days
from the date of call, depending on your issuing bank.

Why Do You Need My Billing Address?

The credit card companies require us to verify your address as protection against credit card fraud.
It is to your benefit because it helps keep other people from using your credit card illegally.
We DO NOT send anything to your billing address.
Your privacy is very important to us and your address is used for billing verification only.

Why Do You Need My Phone Number?

NO we will NOT be calling you unless you attempt to do a chargeback.
Your phone number is required to match the phone records of the calls placed with the girls.
You will ONLY receive a call from our billing department if there is a problem with your card.
Since we will be asking you for your phone number DON'T BLOCK IT! The girls may not answer blocked calls.
We investigate charge backs to the fullest extent of the law and information we have.
We will call to discuss the fraudulent activity and will report all information to the proper authorities.

When I Call the Toll Free Number, Where Am I Calling?

The toll free number you call will ring directly to the home of the phone operator you choose to speak with. Since the number is TOLL FREE nothing will appear on your phone bill.
Refund Policy:

Refunds are granted on a case by case basis. Please call or email customer support. *see below for contact information.

NO Credit Card? No Problem:

If you do not have a credit card, or would rather not use your personal card for other reasons, you can purchase a Visa, MC,
American Express, or Discover gift card at any local store in your area and pay for your call. You can also Purchase
a Discover Gift eCard online at using your Debit, Visa, MC, or Discover card and your eCard will be
emailed to you within minutes to activate and use to pay for your call.

We prosecute credit card fraud and misuse aggressively. We also prosecute theft of services or charge backs. If you get caught with
charges you are embarrassed about or have to explain to your significant other or boss and charge back we will prosecute as
theft of services. If you have any questions regarding billing Contact us first to resolve the problem.

Please do not call "all" of our operators with the same questions.
We have a service that allows us to know who you called and when.
So we WILL know if you are calling every phone sex operator on the system.
This will get your phone number blocked from the system. We request that you be courteous when calling the girls.

If the operator you wish to speak with does not answer on the first try, hang up and try again in 15 minutes.
If you cannot get through please drop her an email to set up a time that is good for both of you.

****We are a direct dial company so generally you will get the phone sex operator you called for but we do
"forward" our lines when we are away. We care about our client and do not wish
you to get busy signals or a ringing phone. Like you, our phone sex operators have
lives and sometimes need to sleep. IF your phone sex operator of choice is not available the lady
picking up will give you the option of speaking to her. If you do not wish to place a
call with this phone sex operator, please be nice about it and feel
free to ask when the phone sex operator of your choice is available*****

If you have any questions or concerns, please email  Customer Support

Or call Customer Support at


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